Ballyjamesduff Afc Return to Play Protocol


The purpose of this protocol is to provide clear guidance to players, coaches and parents on the procedures to be followed to ensure a safe resumption of training.
The protocol has being prepared by Ballyjamesduff AFC Committee chaired by Karl Stewart as the designated lead Compliance officer for the club.
It has being developed in accordance with existing FAI guidance.
The protocol will be updated in the event of any changes to the FAI guidance.
Players, Coaches and Parents should familiarise themselves with the content of the protocol.
If we follow the protocol, and play our respective part, then we will be able to return safely to training and minimise the risk of any disruption.
Parents of young players are asked to educate their children as to what they need to do so that they can train safely.
We have a shared duty of care -players, coaches and parents alike.
Welcome back to Ballyjamesduff AFC and thank your support. Enjoy your training ,stay safe and lets make this hard work for everyone,s benefit.

2. Key points

The protocol will be piloted shortly to ensure that it is working effectively.

We will make any modifications arising from the learning gained over the initial testing.
A return to training for all teams will be scheduled once we are satisfied that the protocol works well and a roster in place.

A Phased return to training is envisaged.

Managers will be notified of their allocated training slot(s)and we will do our best accommodate their preference in this regard.

Training sessions may be conducted during daytime, if that suits particular group.

No training sessions may be conducted at other locations without the prior approval of Ballyjamesduff AFC-this requirement must be strictly observed. Any team found to operate outside of the protocol does so at their own risk, without club insurance, and will have their training rights immediately withdrawn.

With the exception of toilet facilities and a treatment and isolation room the clubhouse will remain closed.

No access is allowed in the changing rooms.

3. Health advice for players and coaches prior to resuming training.
You must stay at home if;

You have being overseas, in contact with someone with Covid-19 or a suspected Covid 19 cases in the last 14 days.

You have a temperature over 38 degrees, flu – like symptom or feel unwell.

You experience the sudden onset of a cough or shortness of breath or you experience a sudden loss of sense of smell and/or taste.

You must ;
Check with your GP if you are a high -risk health category and ,if so, confirm that you are medically fit to coach or train.

Check that your tempeture is less that 38 degrees before leaving home.

Ensure that the club has up to date contact details for communication and tracing purposes.

4. Arrival at training.

All players training in Ballyjamesduff AFC Soccer pitch must be dropped off at the main grounds in Ballyjamesduff.

Parking is strictly prohibited within the grounds.

Underage players must be dropped off by a member of the same household or can arrive alone (if age appropriated).

Parents are not permitted to remain at the training area but are free to use the car park and toilet facilities.

All coaches and players must walk to their training area through the ramp in front of the dressing rooms to ensure social distancing.

Managers will advise players in advance of their designated training areas.
Players should proceed directly to the training area at their allotted time.

There will be a gap of 15mins between sessions on the same area to allow for the safe exit of players and coaches, while respecting social distance.

5.Training Areas.

1 training area, measuring 75 metres x 50 metres will be clearly marked out.

Each team will be advised in advance of their designated area and this must be strictly adhered to.

The Maximum Number of persons (including players and coaches) that may participate in a training session is 22.

Each training session last for 1hr 15mins.

6.Guidance for Coaches.

The FAI and Club Welfare and safeguarding policies must be followed at all times.

All coaches must be familiar with the Training Protocol.

All coaches must ensure that participants at each training session are briefed on the protocol.

The protocol must be applied throughout the duration of each training session.

Each manager or coach must keep a full documented record for each session of the attendance of all participants, including managers and coaches. A form is available for this purpose for collection off the compliance officer at training. The form allows for up to ten training sessions to be recorded .It should be returned electronically by camera phone or by text to Karl Stewart 0858126829 after each session.This information is essential for contact tracing purposes by the health authorities in the event that such tracing is required.

Each coach must bring their own hand sanitiser, mask and disposable gloves which they may choose to wear during training and which must be worn in the event that a player needs treatment for injury.

Coaches must ensure that the training area or pitch is clear of all equipment after finishing each session.

There will be a 15 min gap between sessions.

7.Guidance for players/parents

All players and parents must be familiar with the clubs Return to Training Protocol.

Players must arrive in their training gear with their own equipment ,including a hand Sanitiser, an individual water bottle with their name or initials clearly visible ,and shin pads.

Each player should also have a facemask and disposable gloves with them in the event that they need to use them – the mask can be worn during training if preferred and must be used in the event of Covid related symptoms .

Goalkeepers must wear their own training gloves.

Personal items cannot be shared and must be brought home after every session.

8.Training Sessions.

All activity must take place only on the training pitch.

Group hand cleansing must take part before each session starts.

Players and Coaches must observe proper sneezing and coughing etiquette.

9.Injury or Illness during training sessions.

Players in need of attention for an injury should be treated on the training pitch where possible.

The Club Injury room will be available for use in the event that a player needs additional treatment before leaving the club.

A player or coach showing symptoms of Covid-19 must use their face mask and be isolated immediately from the rest of the group.

A designated Isolation room has being identified in the main dressing room Area for the player to remain until collected by a parent/gauardian .

Contact must be made immediately by the team manager/coach with a parent/guardian of any underage player who is suspected of contacting Covid -19.

Any person suspected of contacting Covid – 19 should be advised to contact their GP as soon as possible.

10.Santising of Equipment.

Each manager is responsible for all training equipment used in the course of a training session is sanitised after each session and before leaving the club .This include Goalposts.

A designated sanitising station has being provided at the rear of the club dressing rooms.

All sanitising is to be done outdoors, and in the designated area using the equipment provided which is available just inside the managers lock up.